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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) encompasses a vast array of subjects. STEM education focuses on improving how students comprehend and apply scientific concepts in their lives through project-based learning in the classroom. The projects and activities incorporate technology to emphasize the application of science and prepare students for future classes.The National Science Foundation maintains
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5 ways online teaching should be different from face-to-face teaching
The concept of traditional education has changed radically in 2020 due to the pandemic. Now with the rise of various ed-tech learning solutions, being physically present in a classroom isn’t a requirement for learning anymore! Pandemic or not, it’s safe to say that online teaching is here to stay as a full-time or some kind
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The pandemic-led pivot to online learning hasn’t been easy on teachers or students. While students went from sitting in classrooms to being confined at home and learning online, teachers have had to figure out how to teach remotely and get accustomed to teaching online. Even though online teaching and learning began with trepidation, the current
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Kids thriving in online learning
COVID-19 has remodeled all facets of our daily lives. Teachers and students in particular have had to resort to virtual ways in order to engage, educate and be educated. While the rather forced transition to online teaching and learning hasn’t been easy on all students, there seem to be some who are surprisingly thriving in
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What would be the primary medium of education recommended by the NEP for the first 5 years of a child’s education? The Union Cabinet’s move to approve the National Education Policy - 2020 is a seminal moment that has paved a progressive path for education in our country for the next 20 years. While educationists
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