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Kids thriving in online learning
COVID-19 has remodeled all facets of our daily lives. Teachers and students in particular have had to resort to virtual ways in order to engage, educate and be educated. While the rather forced transition to online teaching and learning hasn’t been easy on all students, there seem to be some who are surprisingly thriving in
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What would be the primary medium of education recommended by the NEP for the first 5 years of a child’s education? The Union Cabinet’s move to approve the National Education Policy - 2020 is a seminal moment that has paved a progressive path for education in our country for the next 20 years. While educationists
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Table of Content 1 How can I improve my English writing skills? 1.1 Read, Read, Read! 1.2 Make a Dictionary Your Best Friend 1.3 Work on Grammar 1.4 Proofread 1.5 Play with Sentences 1.6 Organise Paragraphs Properly 1.7 Outline your Work 1.8  Ask Someone to Review Importance of developing writing skill English is the third-most spoken language in the world and has
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In the wake of World Mental Health Day, we wanted to talk about something not a lot of people talk about. Why is it important for teachers to focus on their mental health and wellness? In your day-to-day juggle, it becomes very easy to put other people’s mental health and wellbeing needs ahead of your
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The unprecedented pandemic has had debilitating effects on schools around the world. Yet, some schools have triumphed through the pandemic through sheer grit and unwavering focus on doing what’s needed for their students’ progress. Here is one such inspiring story. Impact and Lessons Learned Mrs Prema, a grade 3 teacher, was worried how she would
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