Customized teacher-training programmes
Teachers are trained on areas of challenges specific to them, which makes the interventions relevant. The programme runs year-round. Which makes the interventions deep-rooted and effective.

3-3-3 model
The programme uses a 3-3-3 model: 3 face-to-face sessions, 3 video conference sessions, and 3 one-on-one calls with a trainer (in one year). Which personalises the interventions and makes it meaningful to each teacher.

StarTeacher video conferencing session

Personalized Communications
And if all that isn't enough, WhatsApp groups are created for 2-way communication with each school. Our trainers send videos and information of interest and follow up with teachers; teachers send questions and videos of themselves applying strategies learned. We leave no technology unused.
StarTeacher face-to-face session
StarTeacher has transformed thousands of educators and through them, millions of students. Contact us to discuss how you can get StarTeacher for your school.
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