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NLP-powered, cloud-based, virtual, voice teacher
Tara teaches communicative English to both teachers and students. It is an intelligent and powerful combination of a voice-enabled device (such as Amazon Alexa) with content created by experts in Learning Matters.
Much cooler than it sounds
Tara teaches learners how to effectively communicate in English through a combination of lessons that include listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Schools need only the device, internet, and our books to get started. Tara does the rest.
Tara teaches teachers
Tara teaches students
Customized teacher-training programmes
Teachers are trained on areas of challenges specific to them, which makes the interventions relevant. The programme runs year-round. Which makes the interventions deep-rooted and effective.

3-3-3 model
The programme uses a 3-3-3 model: 3 face-to-face sessions, 3 video conference sessions, and 3 one-on-one calls with a trainer (in one year). Which personalises the interventions and makes it meaningful to each teacher.

StarTeacher video conferencing session

Personalized Communications
And if all that isn't enough, WhatsApp groups are created for 2-way communication with each school. Our trainers send videos and information of interest and follow up with teachers; teachers send questions and videos of themselves applying strategies learned. We leave no technology unused.
StarTeacher face-to-face session
Vast content platform for grades 1 to 10
Aligned to all major Indian syllabi. Contains videos, quizzes, and both text and audio summaries of concepts. Text and audio summaries are in both English and regional languages so they are relevant to all.

Kengine is simple to use for both teachers and students
Teachers can use videos to make concepts come alive for their students. Students can explore the videos and summaries to learn, revise and recall. The quizzes allow for easy assessment, both self and teacher-led. Kengine is cloud-based so updates are immediate.

How Kengine works
Activity kits for grades KG to 8
Contain specially-designed materials (aligned to all major Indian syllabi) that empower teachers to teach in a meaningful and interesting manner. The ToolBox enables students to think, explore, experiment, and use their senses actively to learn and have fun!
Active learning that is fun
The ToolBox creates an activity-based, student-centric atmosphere of teaching and learning in classrooms.

ToolBox in action in Yadugiri school, Melkote