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Authored by Learning Matters and Shruthi Sharma, marketing intern Change is inevitable. Change is the way forward. The education industry has stayed the same for many years now. Innovation is happening in every other aspect of life and sooner or later educators and educational institutions will have to get on board and welcome change. Here
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Authored by Learning Matters for Toy-Yo The first year of a baby’s life is a momentous one, full of remarkable growth and discovery. It is also an anxious one for many first-time parents. Is my baby developing normally? What should she be doing at this age? How do I know that I’m doing the best
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Authored by Learning Matters for Skola Toys Motor development is the development of the bones and muscles and the ability to move around, control one’s body movements, as well as manipulate things in one’s environment. There are two types of motor development- gross motor development and fine motor development. Actions such as running, jumping, throwing,
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#vc_row_9 .section-content-container{padding-bottom:50px !important;margin-bottom:50px !important; } Authored by Learning Matters for Skola Toys What is sensory exploration? Any activity or experience in which children use the five senses - sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch, constitutes sensory exploration. Young children take every opportunity they get to touch things around them. Infants put every objects they can
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Authored by Learning Matters for Skola Toys The importance of pre-writing The height and weight of preschoolers is meticulously tracked in order to monitor their physical development. But, what about their literacy development? Sadly, many do not recognise the critical impact that pre-writing skills have on children’s literacy development at later ages. What is pre-writing?
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