Learning Matters has been transforming teaching and improving the learning outcomes of students across India with our innovative educational solutions. Our revolutionary learning solution Tara makes use of voice technology with Artificial Intelligence to change the way students (and teachers) learn communicative English.

It is a general notion among many that when technology is involved, a solution will be expensive! This is not the case. Tara is not just effective but also immensely scalable and affordable. Let’s tell you more about Tara.

Why do we need ‘Tara’?

The pandemic led reliance on e-learning has shed light on many tech-based learning solutions. Most of the leading learning solutions are visual-based (or video based). The accessibility of millions of students to video-based learning is questionable due to the cost of devices needed as well as the reliance on high-speed internet.

We need a solution that is scalable and easily available to all. The answer is Tara.

Tara is a cloud-based, Natural Language Powered (NLP), virtual voice teacher that combines Learning Matters’ proprietary content with a voice-based platform such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Tara is currently teaching communicative English to teachers and students in educational institutions across Chennai, Bengaluru, Madurai, and Kumbakonam and will soon be poised to teach other academic subjects.

Why Focus on VoiceTechnology?

Learning Matters has always been a strong advocate of education that must be accessible to all. We want to ensure students don’t lose out on opportunities due to the cost factor or due to geographical limitations.
TARA is extremely light on hardware and capable of running efficiently on a 3G bandwidth. Compare this to the higher bandwidth requirement of video-based learning. To use Tara, one only needs a voice-assisted device such as a smartphone or an Echo Dot. No other hardware needed. Tara will not only say that a learner is right or wrong, but she will also explain what the mistake is. ‘She’ can repeat lessons and assessments as many times as a learner wants. Tara works with learners in individual, small-group, and large-group settings. And most of all, learning with Tara means learning in a non-judgemental environment, which makes it an ideal teacher for adult learners. With such great ROI, a solution based on voice technology, such as Tara, is the ideal way to make high-quality learning accessible for our counterparts in semi-urban and rural India.
The paradigm shift in education is indicating that online learning is here to stay for a while. From teacher-training webinars and video-enabled education platforms to voice-tech powered with AI, Learning Matters is supporting educators and schools to make the shift from traditional blackboard classrooms to online classrooms.