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Learning matters. Immensely.

Learning Matters is an educational technology company in Bangalore founded by three friends – Moorthy, Gowri, and Saras. Our vision is to democratize learning by creating high-quality products for education that are easily accessible to all. We advise and enable educational institutions and companies to implement best practices in specialized areas of education and education-technology. Visit our About page to learn more.

Education is a game changer, say many. We believe it’s a life changer.


We have set out to revolutionize the way the world learns. And we would love to keep you in the loop. Please leave your email ID and we will write to you. Or, use our Contact page to leave more details. We promise not to spam your inbox.



Rachel Bennett
Rachel Bennett, Head of Development, 40K Plus Education Pvt Ltd, says: Learning Matters has been working on a consultancy basis with 40K Plus Education Pvt Ltd for the last 8 months. As a start-up, their extensive industry experience has been invaluable in helping us achieve a more advanced level of maturity, from both an organizational and a product perspective. We have been highly impressed with the quality of their work, and the integrity with which they operate. Their ability to synthesize complex topics into clear, accessible language has provided our Executive Team a strong platform to make pivotal organizational decisions with confidence. As a team they bring with them a natural synergy, positive attitude and energy, that makes them a delight to work with, even when projects experience roadblocks. Overall, we would highly recommend Learning Matters for future clients, and wish them the very best of luck for future endeavors.
Vineet Dwivedi, CEO flipClass, says: Learning Matters has played a key role in many projects at flipClass. Their excellent editorial team, with professional capabilities in proofreading and copy editing helped us maintain the quality of multiple products. They have a strong team of subject matter experts and skilled project managers who efficiently managed our cross-functional academic team. We appreciate the good work done by Learning Matters and are happy to recommend them to anyone looking for a talented, versatile, and professional team.