Strategic Consulting

We counsel companies on their business goals and future directions, enabling them to determine priorities, manage risks, identify the changes required for success, and focus on business expansion. We are adept in handling challenging strategic problems for small and large businesses in the education and education-technology sectors. Connect with us and we can help you evaluate your road maps and business expansion plans.

Product design

We design impressive educational technology products across multiple devices and OS/platforms. Database architecture, UI/UX, e-learning content, and product-feature design are some specialized areas of expertise. We take pride in planning, executing, and delivering products with maximum efficiency. This, combined with our long and deep experience in ed-tech has helped our clients optimize time, money, and resources.

Curriculum Design

We design, plan, build, and assess curriculum for infants through 13-year olds. We also create specialized co-curricular programs for all ages up to high school. Contact us if you want experts to develop educational programs, revamp your curriculum, evaluate your programs, or design innovative co-curricular activities.

Program management

Many years of experience in managing large scale, complex, and multi-track programmes translates into huge value for our customers. We bring innovative methods of building efficiency and optimized TAT in all projects especially those that involve cross-functional interactions. Our strong team of experienced project managers are skilled in latest program management techniques and tools and can manage diverse projects and teams. Our large network of vendors and consultants enables us to effortlessly provide scalability and sustainability to our customers.

Content development & management

Designing and developing content for varied methods of delivery across e-learning and print mediums is our forte. Our strong team of subject matter experts, instructional designers, graphic designers and programmers create content that is customized for specialized learning platforms and delivery methods. Our content development and delivery managers are proficient in managing large and complex teams to deliver static, interactive and non-interactive content. Connect with us if you want to create content for your courses, or, if you want us to project-manage your content development team.


Children develop and learn in different, unique ways. So do adults. With the plethora of learning platforms and technologies available for children and adults today, it becomes crucial for teachers to stay updated with skills and advancements in teaching and technology. We are domain experts in child development and pedagogy and have created training programmes on how children grow, develop, and learn. We equip teachers with developmentally-appropriate techniques to teach and guide children. With many years in the corporate and training sectors, we also provide training on soft skills, people skills, various facets of management, and how to use technology effectively at school or at work. Contact us to find out what we can design for you.